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From the OU: Dole Kosher Advisory

Kosher Advisory Dole Products




Dole Packaged Foods LLC, Westlake Village CA


The Orthodox Union certifies some Dole products when bearing the OU symbol. Due to a recent change of ingredients, several Dole products that were certified and had the OU symbol are no longer certified and no longer bear the OU symbol. Consumers should be cautious and look for the OU symbol to determine if a product is certified.

From the OU: McConnell’s Ice Cream

McConnell’s Ice Cream Company in Santa Barbara is now certified by the OU.

Rabbi Reuven Nathanson

Director, West Coast Kashruth Division

Orthodox Union

From The cRc: Alpha Baking Co.

The cRc (Chicago Rabbinical Council) has announced that as of March 8, 2019, all breads baked by Alpha Baking Co. are now Pas Yisroel.  This includes all their retail products under the brand names: Natural Ovens, S. Rosen, Marry Ann, Kreamo, Golden Hearth and Castle Labels.

Updates from the COR – Detroit

MANY PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN ASSORTED VARIETIES,and they may not all have the same Kosher status. Some may be Pareve, some Dairy, some Meat, and some non-Kosher. This can cause mistakes, and the consumer must be very vigilant in checking every label for its correct status. Following are some common examples:


TABATCHNICK SOUPS and BROTHS: Many are Star-K Pareve, some are Star-D Dairy (not Cholov Yisroel), and some are Star-K Meat. Note that New EnglandPotato Soupis dairy and bears Star-D Dairy, while Old FashionedPotato Soupis pareve. Note also that Frenchman’s Onion Soupand Wilderness Wild Rice Soupcontain meat and bear Star-K Meat, even though there is no hint of meat in their names.


IMAGINE ORGANIC SOUPS and BROTHS: Some are OU Pareve, some are OU Meat, and many are not Kosher. Note that “KosherFree Range Chicken Broth”is Kosher and bears OU Meat, while regular “Free Range Chicken Broth”is not Kosher.


NEAR EAST RICE MIXES and COUSCOUS MIXES: Most are plain OU (i.e. Pareve), some are OU-D (Dairy), and some are OU Meat or     OU-M (= Meat). Note that Pearled Couscous Basil & Herbcontains dairy ingredients and bears OU-D.


LIPTON RECIPE SECRETS SOUP MIXES (in Onion, Vegetable and Ranch varieties) and LIPTON SOUP SECRETS NOODLE SOUP –CHICKEN FLAVORare produced in both Israel and the U.S. The Israel product says“Kosher”in large letters on the front and bears an OU symbol, and “OU Meat” on the Noodle variety. The U.S. product is notKosher and bears no Kosher marking. At some stores the Kosher and  non-Kosher versions may both be found on the same shelves. Check every box carefully.


The MK SYMBOLon SEASON’S CHOICE frozen BROCCOLI FLORETS andCALIFORNIA MEDLEYsold at Aldi, and on TRADER JOE’S ORGANIC OLIVE OIL SPRAY,is an MK in a circle and the word Kosher in Hebrew and English inside the circle, to the right of the K. This is notthe MK symbol of Montreal or Manchester, but is from Monterrey, Mexico, and is not recommended.


HURST’S HAMBEENS BEAN SOUPmixes bear an OK symbol on the bag, and contain seasoning packets labeled as Beef Flavor, Ham Flavor, Bacon Flavor, etc. Similarly, OUR FAMILY 16 BEAN SOUP MIXbears an OU on the bag, and contains a Ham Seasoning packet.
Although the packets do not bear a Kosher symbol, they are nevertheless certified Kosher and Pareve, despite their non-Kosher sounding names.


CHAI TEA LATTE SIGNS AT 7-ELEVEN STORESon the hot beverage dispenser machine bear an unauthorized OK symbol. The OK does not certify any 7-Eleven retail locations or products prepared on premises. (We have covered up the OK symbol at the four local         7-Eleven stores that are K-COR certified for Kosher slurpees.)


  1. HIGGS brand CORNIES CHILI CHEESE FLAVORED CORN CHIPSsold at Save-A-Lot bears an unauthorized Kof-K symbol on some bags. This product is not Kof-K certified. J. Higgs brand Cornies in Originaland Dippin’varieties, however, arecertified Kosher Pareve when bearing the Kof-K symbol.


GREAT VALUE “LIGHT” CRANBERRY JUICE COCKTAILsold at Walmart bears an unauthorized OU symbol on some containers. This product contains grape juice and is not OU certified. Regularand DietGreat Value Cranberry Juice Cocktail drinks, however, areOU certified when bearing the OU symbol.


MIA PIZZA CRUSTS KITSare currently not certified as Kosher, due to a change in the production process, and no longer bear the MK [Montreal] symbol.


SAMUEL ADAMS CHOCOLATE BOCK BEERis now Star-D Dairy certified (not Cholov Yisroel) and will bear the Star-D symbol. Bottles bearing old labels that do not bear any symbol are also Kosher Dairy. This beer contains dairy ingredients and should not be consumed with meat or after eating meat. Chocolate Bock is currently included in a Samuel Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack, which contains other Star-K certified beers that are pareve.


MOCHA MIX ORIGINAL NON-DAIRY COFFEE CREAMERin the past was certified OK Pareve, and older containers that still state             OK Pareve are pareve. This product is now under OU supervision, and new containers are labeled OU-D due to dairy equipment, because of the company’s desire to produce the product on a dairy production line. The OU-D labeled product may be eaten aftermeat, but may not be cooked or eaten with meat. The company may reconsider its decision, based on consumer response, and consumers who wish the product to remain pareve can contact the company at 800-236-1119.


BACHMAN TWIST PRETZELSare certified OU Pareve. However, some 10 oz. bags with UPC # 0-77817-10580-8 and expiration date   code JUL2219 9 ED mistakenly contain Butter Twist Pretzels that are dairy, and have therefore been recalled. Details are available at 800-367-7629.


LIDL brand WHITE BEAN NACHO BEAN CHIPSwas mistakenly labeled as Kof-K Pareve on some bags. In fact, this product contains dairy ingredients and is certified as Kof-K Dairy.


THE FRESH MARKET brand PANCAKE & WAFFLE MIXin Buttermilk, Multigrain and Wild Blueberry flavors bears an unauthorized Star-K symbol. These products are actually Kosher Dairy, not Cholov Yisroel.


SHATNEZ ALERTA number of UGG FOOTWEAR PRODUCTShave been found to contain shatnez. It is recommended that all Ugg footwear (shoe, slippers, boots) be tested for Shatnez at a qualified Shatnez laboratory.


PRODUCT RECALLThree additional lots of INFANTS’ IBUPROFEN CONCENTRATED ORAL SUSPENSIONBerry Flavor/Dye-Freeunder the brand names CVS Health [CVS stores], Equate [Walmart] and Family Wellness [Family Dollar], have been added to the December recall, due to potential higher concentrations of ibuprofen that may cause injury to infants. Details are available at  or 732-940-0358.

From the Star-K: Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock Beer

Please note that Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock Beer will now be certified STAR-D DAIRY and will bear the STAR-D symbol. Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock Beer bearing old labels do not bear any symbol and are dairy. The beer contains dairy ingredients and should not be consumed with meat or after eating meat. Chocolate Bock is currently included in a Samuel Adams multi flavor pack which contains other STAR-K certified beers which are Pareve. The full list of currently certified Samuel Adams beers is available

From The OU: Arnold’s and Sara Lee Kosher Product Lines



Kosher consumers were concerned by the news last month that Bimbo Bakeries USA, the largest producer of bread in the United States, with product lines such as Arnold’s and Sara Lee, was going to lose their kosher certification. The company’s initial decision was based on internal efficiency and production concerns. Many of the breads they produce are dairy, and therefore not kosher certified. Continuing to isolate their parve bread lines became increasingly difficult.

But, as JNS reported, after productive discussions with OU Kosher and others, Bimbo Bakeries USA heard the concerns of their customers and decided to once again offer kosher parve products on certain lines.

Said OU Kosher CEO Rabbi Menachem Genack: “We commend Bimbo Bakeries USA for their decision. The company heard the feedback from their loyal customer base and, to their credit, were sensitive to that request, reevaluated their decision and have agreed to maintain bread lines that are certified kosher parve. This is particularly good news for those living in areas with little access to kosher-certified foods.”

From The Star-D: Saveur Viennoise

Viennoise, manufactured by Saveur, is now certified Kosher under Star-D supervision (only when bearing the Star-D logo on the package).  This product is dairy, non-Cholov Yisroel.

From The O/U: Newly Certified – Caynarachi

Caynarachi brand Heart of Palm is now certified Kosher under O/U supervision.

From The O/U: Newly Certified – Guneydogu Gida

The following products, manufactured by Guneydogu Gida are now certified Kosher under O/U supervision…

Pistachio, Sugar Covered

Almond Paste

Walnut, Raw

Almond, Roasted

Hazelnut, Chopped

From The O/U: Newly Certified – Rip Van Wafels

Rip Van Wafles brand Honey & Oats European Snack Wafel and Toasted Coconut European Snack Wafel are newly certified Kosher under O/U supervision.  These products are dairy.

From The COR of Greater Detroit: Greenfield Noodle Co.

Greenfield Noodle Co. has exhausted its stock of Yoshon flour and will now begin using Chodosh flour.  New products will NOT state “Yoshon” next to the expiration date.

From The Star-D: Aldi Inc. – Brand Name Choceur

The following products, manufactured by Choceur are now certified Kosher under Star-D supervision (when bearing the Star-D symbol).  These products are all dairy (non-Cholov YIsroel)…

Coconut Almond Combo

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

MK and Dark Panned Almonds

Sea Salt Caramel Almond

From The Star-K: Barnett Sweet Creations – Granny Bella’s Brand

The following products are manufactured under Granny Bella’s brand name.  These products are now certified Kosher under Star-K supervision (when bearing the Star-K symbol).  These products are all Pareve…

Candy Sprinkle


Chocolate Chip


Jam Tarts

Marble Cookie



From The Star-K: Manoli Canoli Imports

The following products, manufactured under the brand names  Manoli and Manoli Canoli are now certified Kosher under Star-K supervision (when bearing the Star-K symbol)…

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Blend

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From The Star-K: Newly Certified – Nemco Food Trading, Inc. – Lolita and Northeast brands

Lolita and Northeast brands Canned Mandarin Orange in Syrup are now certified Kosher under Star-K supervision.  These products are certified kosher when bearing CIQ code 4200/01020 on the lid or label.

From The Star-K: Newly Certified – Old Lyme Gourmet Co. DBA Deep River Snacks

The following products, manufactured by Old Lyme Gourmet Co. DBA Deep River Snacks are certified Kosher under Star-K supervision (when bearing the Star-K symbol).  These products are pareve…

Fire Roasted Garlic & Onion Kettle Chips

Mango Habanero Kettle Chips

Rosemary & Garlic Kettle Chips

Sea Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar Kettle Chips

Wallet Card 2019

New For 2019 

Here is our new wallet sized Kosher Symbols Card. Print it out so you can can reference common Kosher symbols while you are shopping. 


Download 2019 Recommended Symbols Wallet Card

From the KIB: Trader Joes’ brand Cauliflower Pancakes

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pancakes (in the freezer section) bears an O/KD, followed with the letters “CY”.  This product is indeed supervised by the O/K and is dairy.  The “CY” stands for Cholov Yisroel.  In the ingredient panel there is an ingredient listed as “animal rennet”.  The O/K maintains that this ingredient is actually pareve, even though it contains the word “animal.”

From The O/U: Oreo Sandwich Cookies

At the present time, the following Oreo Sandwich Cookies do NOT contain dairy ingredients, although they are manufactured on dairy equipment…

Original Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Double Stuf Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Original Mega Stuf Sandwich Cookie

Mini Original Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Chocolate Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Golden Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Triple Double Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Thins Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Cinnamon Bun Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Lemon Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Mint Crème Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies

From The O/U: Entenmann’s Mini Apple Snack Pies

Entenmann’s brand Minis Apple Snack Pies (individually packaged) are now under O/U certification.  This product is pareve.