Latest Pesach Alerts

OU Passover: Dannon Yogurt

Dannon has produced some varieties of yogurt certified for Passover when bearing the OUDP symbol. Some 4-packs of yogurt contain a combination of year round OUD (Not Kosher for Passover) yogurts and OUDP (Kosher for Passover) yogurts. Consumers are advised to only use the OUDP yogurts for Passover. The Not Kosher for Passover yogurts do not contain actual chometz, however, we are still advising to set them aside for use after Passover.

From The OK: Terminated Certification – Delice Bakery


As of March 28, 2018, OK Kosher has terminated kosher certification of Delice Bakery (both locations).

Delice Bakery

8583 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035

 7122 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036


This is effective immediately due to kashrus violations during Pesach production.


From the Kof-K: Alert on Streit’s Dark Chocolate Caramel Pecan Clusters


March 19 2018
Streit’s Dark Chocolate Caramel Pecan Clusters contain milk and butter and was mistakenly labeled as Kof-K pareve. This product is certified Kof-K Dairy and Kosher for Passover. Corrective action has been taken.

From The O/U: Pesach Alert – Shemurei Motola

O/UP Shemurei Motola Cut and Seasoned Pickles, sold in Israel, bear an unauthorized O/UP mark.  This product contains Kitniyos

From The O/U: Pesach Alert – Starbucks Cold Brew Chocolate Coconut Coffee

The O/U certifies Starbucks Nariño 70 Cold Brew Chocolate Coconut Coffee.  This product is sold in boxes that are labeled with an O/UP symbol.  Please note that only the coffee packets in the box are certified for Passover, however the chocolate coconut flavor packets are NOT certified for Passover and are not labeled with an O/UP.

OU- Alert – Five Tuna – Not Kosher For Pesach

O/U alert: Five 5 Fish Tuna cans, in France bear an unauthorized OUp.

From The Star-K: Terra de Lyssa Organic Infused Olive Oils

Terra de Lyssa brand Organic Infused Olive Oils bear an unauthorized Star-KP.  These oils are NOT authorized to bear the Star-K and are NOT Kosher for Pesach.

Pesach Alert: Elite Products

Not all Elite products bear recommended Hashgachos.  check the label for a proper, acceptable Hashgacha

Pesach Zoo Alert

Be careful when visiting a zoo during Pesach not to purchase animal food to feed the animals from the zoo, as most of them contain Chometz

Pesach Alert: Matza Ashira

Caution should be used when buying Matzos to be sure that they are not Chometz or in the category of “Matzah Ashira.”  Some examples of this are Grape Matzo, Grape Bit Crackers, Egg Matzo, Egg Matzo Crackers, Egg Matzo Snack Bits, Chocolate Covered Egg Matzo and Tam Tam Crackers.  These items are only permissible for the elderly, ill or young children who are not able to properly digest regular Matzoh.  Yehuda Matzoh from Israel as well as Glick Matzos also make a Matzah look-alike as well as crackers made from tapioca starch.  It is properly certified O/Up, however, keep in  mind that the Bracha for these “faux Matzos” is shehakol and that they are not real Matzoh for any time that Matzoh is needed.

From The O/U: Leaf & Stem Naturals Toothpaste

Leaf and Stem Naturals Toothpaste is NOT acceptable for Pesach.

Pesach Alert: Check Packaging

Be careful to check packages of Kosher-For-Pesach items in the stores for the Pesach certification.  Some non-Pesach Kosher products have similar packaging to those products that are Kosher for Pesach and can be easily confused.

From The Kof K: Joyva

The Kof K does NOT certify Joyva products as Kosher for Pesach.

From The Star-K: For Pesach – Ancient Harvest Quinoa

This year, ancient Harvest brand Quinoa is only approved by the Star-K for Pesach in the form of Ancient Harvest White Quinoa 50 lb. bulk bags (Organic) when bearing the Star-K symbol and a “Best By” date of 2/01/19 – 2/28/19.  A “Kosher for Passover” statement on the label is NOT necessary.

The Ancient Harvest White Grains Traditional Quinoa (12 oz. box or 27 oz. pouch), Ancient Harvest Inca Red Grains Quinoa (12 oz. box) or Ancient Harvest Tricolor Grains Harmony Blend Quinoa (Organic, 12 oz. box) are NO LONGER KOSHER FOR PESACH this year, as they were last year.

Pesach Updates/New Products

From The Atlanta Kosher Commission: Pesach News – Trader Joe’s

The following Trader Joe’s items bearing  the Kosher Check or BCK symbol are usable for Pesach without Pesach certification:

Unsweetened Coconut Chips

Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

Coconut Flour

Triple Filtered Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Reduced Fat Coconut Milk

Regular Coconut Milk

Coconut Cream

Blanchard & Blanchard Artichoke – OK – P

Blanchard & Blanchard Artichoke bottoms are available certified O/Kp.

Beetology – OU- P

Beetology is O/Up certified

Sea Castle Seaweed – OU – P

Sea Castle, Roasted Seaweed Snack is O/Up certified

Virgin Coconut Oil – OU

Virgin (unrefined, cold-pressed) coconut oil with an OU is acceptable for Pesach without a “P”. (no added ingredients)

Oxigen Water – OU-P

Oxigen water is certified O/U and fine for Pesach

Matzahgram – RCC

Matzohgram ( is Matza with a color printed Seder plate.

Pesach Beers

  1. Two types of beer are available for this Pesach. Ginger Tipple from Belgium O/Kp

2.  Meadan Amber Date Ale and Special Date Ale.  (Chug Chasam sofer)

From The O/U: Pesach News – Virgin Coconut Oil

The following are some Coconut Oil (Virgin only) that are O/U certified Kosher and acceptable for use on Pesach even without special Passover certification…


Aunt Patty’s Oils


Full Circle Market

GNC Superfoods

Hain Pure Foods

Healthy Origins

Kirkland Signature

Natural Value


Simple Truth Organic

Simply Nature

Spectrum Naturals and Organics


Wellsley Farms

From The O/K: Heaven & Earth

Heaven & Earth brand White Asparagus Spears and Riced Cauliflower (low carb) are now certified Kosher for Pesach under O/KP supervision.

From the KAJP: New Pesach Products – Haddar

The following products, manufactured by Haddar are now Kosher for Pesach under KAJ supervision…

Chocolate Covered Chocolate Orange Peels (Marzipan, Mint Creams and Cherries)

100% Pasteurized Egg Whites


From The O/UP: Gluten-Free/Non-Gebrokts – Manischewitz

The following products are manufactured by Manischewitz and are certified by the O/U as Gluten-Free/Non-Gebrokts…

Brownie Mix

Carrot Cake Macaroons

Cookies – Raisins & Spice

Gluten Free Matzo-Style Squares

Gluten Free Crackers

Cake Mixes – Chocolate/Vanilla/Yellow

Noodle Soup Mix

Coconut Crisp Cookies

Pistachio Orange Macaroons

Spiral Shaped Noodles

Shell Shaped Noodles

Yolk Free Medium Egg Noodles

Wide Egg Noodles

Passover Noodles

Fine Egg Noodles

Hazelnut Truffles

Viennese Crunch


Pie Shells

Veggie Potato Pancake Mix

Chicken Broth (natural & Gluten Free)

From The O/U: Gluten-Free/Non-Gebrokts –

Kosherific brand Cauliflower Cheesy Pie is Gluten-Free/Non Gebrokts and under O/UP supervision.

From The O/UP: Gluten-Free/Non-Gebrokts Products – Kedem

Kedem brand Crispy O’s Gluten Free Frosted Cereal is under O/UP supervision and Non-Gebrokts.

From The O/UP: GLuten-Free Non-Gebrokts Products – Jeff Nathan Panko Flakes

Jeff Nathan brand Panko Flakes are certified O/UP  and are Gluten-Free, Non-Gebrokts.

From The O/UP: Gluten-Free/Non-Gebrokts Products for Pesach – Absolutely

Absolutely brand Flat Breads and Crackers are certified O/UP for Pesach use and are Gluten-Free/Non-Gebrokts.

Pesach Update: Benefiber

The product “Benefiber”, produced by Glaxco Smith Kline is made from wheat dextrin and is Chometz.  However, another similar product called “Nutrisource Benefiber” is made in Israel by Norartis and is Kosher for Pesach.  This Israeli brand of Benefiber contains guar gum  rather than wheat dextrin and therefore can be used on Pesach.

From The O/UP: Newly Certified for Pesach – Yehuda

Yehuda brand Zero-Fat, 50 calorie Watza Crackers and Gluten Free Cinnamon Matzo Squares are now certified Kosher for Pesach by the O/U.

From The O/UP: Newly Certified for Pesach – Tuscanini

The following products, manufactured by Tuscanini are certified Kosher for Pesach by the O/U…

Aged Mozzarella Cheese

Smoked Provolone

Caciota with Herbs

Aged Caciota with Truffles

From The Badatz Beit Yosef: Newly Certified for Pesach – Tishbi Preserves

Tishbi brand Fig/Cabernet, Apricot/Riesling and Cherry/Shiraz Preserves are now all certified Kosher for Pesach under the Badatz Beit Yosef supervision.

From The O/UP: Newly Certified for Pesach – Telma Kariot

Telma Kariot brand cereals are now supervised Kosher for Pesach under O/U supervision.

From The O/UP: Newly Certified for Pesach – Sea Castle

Sea Castle brand Sardines and Seaweed Snacks are now certified Kosher for Pesach under O/U supervision.