Pesach Updates/New Products

From The KLBD: Pesach News – Butter from Clover, Mooririver and Springbok

Butter from Clover, Mooiriver and Springbok, both salted and unsalted, with a regular BD logo or the KLBD kosher logo are fine to use for Pesach.

From The KLBD: Pesach News – Genuine Foods and Real Gorgeous Butter

Butter from Genuine Foods and Real Gorgeous Chalav Dairy are also fine for Pesach use with a regular BD logo.

From The Kosher Information Bureau: Pesach Products That Can Be Found on

The following Kosher L’Pesach products can be found on…

Adirondack  –  Maple Syrup (Kof-K)

Bakol  –  Organic Blue Agave Syrup (O/UP)

Blue Green  –  Organic Light Blue Agave Nectar (O/K)

Dr. Faiman’s  –  Mimalayan Salt (cRc)

Freedom  –  chocolate Coconut  (O/U)

Geebaums  –  Red Quinoa (O/UP)

Goldbaums  –  Organic Chia Seeds and Almond Flour

Grain Brain  –  Carob Powder (Rabbi Binyomin Halevi Gruber)

Haddar  –  Cashew Butter and Milk Powder  (Cholov Yisroel – O/UP)

Haddar  –  Olive Oil Cooking Spray  (KAJ)

Health Garden  –  Coconut Sugar and Confection Sweetener  (O/U)

La Bonne  –  White Quinoa

Lieber’s  –  Stevia Sweets (Rabbi Weissmandl)

Manischewitz  –  Cashew Butter  (O/UP)

Matt’s Munchies  –  Mango Acai Fruit Snacks  (Heart K)

Mishpacha  –  Coconut Flour  (O/U)

Natural Earth  –  Organic Quinoa  (Star-KP)

Rorie’s  –  Grain Free Flour Blend (Rabbi Binyomin Halevi Gruber)

Wellbee’s  –  Super fine Almond Flour  (Rabbi Mordechai Ungar Machon L’Kashrus)


From The O/U: Pesach News – Kirkland Signature Frozen Atlantic & Wild Salmon

Kirkland Signature FRozen Atlantic & Wild Salmon is under the O/U and Kosher for Pesach.  This product should first be rinsed with water before using for Pesach.

From The Star-S P: Non-Kitniyos Products for Pesach (Kosher L’Pesach for both Sephardim and Ashkenazim)

The following are some of the products certified by the Star-S (Pesach foods for Sephardim) that are Kosher L’Pesach for both Sephardim and Ashkenazim…

All Chalak Beit Yosef L’Sephardim when bearing the Star-SBeit Yosef label  (Bierig Brothers (boxed veal), Glatt Ranch (boxed beef), M&D Glatt (boxed lamb and veal) and Regal Foods (boxed beef)

De La Rosa Vineyards (Star-SP required) Brandy, Grappa, IceWine, Wines and Organic Grape Juice.


Pesach Products Shiur 2020

Rabbi Eidlitz’s Annual Pesach Shiur goes virtual this year.

From The Star-K: Newly Certified for Pesach – Exodus

Exodus brand Hopped Cider and Beef Jerky are now under Star-K supervision for Pesach.

From The O/U: Newly Certified for Pesach – Sea Castle

Sea Castle brand Flat Anchovies and Seaweed Snack are now certified Kosher for Pesach by O/U supervision.

From The Badatz Milan: Newly Certified for Pesach – Tuscanini Sparkling Water

Tuscanini brand Sparkling Grapefruit, Lemon and Orange Water is now certified Kosher for Pesach under Badatz Milan supervision.

From The O/K: Newly Certified for Pesach – Heaven & Earth

Heave & Earth brand Croutons Medley Mix Veggie Toppers and Beet Sticks Veggie Toppers are now certified Kosher under O/KP (kosher for Pesach) supervision.

From The O/U: Newly Certified for Pesach – The Cheese Guy

The Cheese Guy brand Harvati with Dill, Smoked Provolone (semi hard cheese) and Danish Blue Cheese are now under O/UP (kosher for Pesach) supervision.

From The O/U: Newly Certified for Pesach – Noway’s

Noway’s brand No Way It’s Gluten Free Rolls are now certified Kosher (for Pesach) under O/UP supervision.

From The O/U: Newly Certified for Pesach – Kosher Paws

Kosher Paws brand Turkey and Chicken Dog and Cat food is now certified Kosher (for Pesach) under O/UP supervision.  This product is also Kitniyos free as well as non-Gebrokts.

Latest Pesach Alerts

From The Scroll K of Denver: Pesach Alert – J&J Low Fat Cottage Cheese in East Side Kosher Deli (Denver)

Some containers of J&J Low Fat Cottage Cheese (Green and white 16 oz. container) with the Date on the bottom of 4/22/2020, may have been sold in the Pesach section of the East Side Kosher Deli.  This item is NOT marked Kosher for Pesach and is NOT Kosher for Pesach.  All J&J Low Fat Cottage Cheese that are marked Kosher for Pesach are, indeed, Kosher for Pesach.



From The Kosher Information Bureau: Pesach News – Vaping

According to Rav Sterhbach, vaping is considered in the category of food (eating) and therefore, because of non-Kosher flavoring, vaping all year round is problematic from a Kashrus standpoint, and also may contain elements which may also be  Chometz – an issur on Pesach.  That is why he feels that this product needs proper Hashgacha all year round as well as for Pesach.  NOTE:  Vaping has been deemed to be dangerous to one’s health.

From The Kof-K: Pesach News – Joyva

The Kof-K does NOT certify Joyva products as Kosher for Pesach.

From The Star-K: Pre – Packaged Salad for Pesach

The Star-K pre-packaged bags of salad require the Star-KP symbol for Pesach use.

From The Kashrus Information Bureau: Disposable Gloves for Pesach

The NorthShore University HealthSystem system currently uses disposable gloves that have oat powder added to the inside to help maintain moisture on the hands of the employees who wear these gloves many hours a day.  The oat powder is assumed to be Chometz and edible and therefore Jewish healthcare workers should not use these gloves on Pesach, as doing so would be considered to be having Hana’ah (benefit/pleasure) from Chometz.  It is permitted for Jewish patients to be treated by healthcare workers wearing these gloves on Pesach and those who want to be extra careful about avoiding Chometz should wash their hands afterwards.  The brand is believed to be “Restore”.

From The Kosher Information Bureau: Pesach News – Bottled Water

Unflavored, Purified Water generally does not require certification for Pesach.  However, when containing a Citric Acid, such as Kirkland brand, which lists “calcium citrate” in its ingredients, the water should NOT be used without reliable Pesach certification.  Unflavored water, with other minerals added, do NOT require certification for Pesach.

From the Star-K: Pesach Alert – Hand Sanitizers

Due to the current Coronavirus concerns, this year, the Star-K allows any Hand Sanitizer may be used.  It should be purchased before Pesach.

From the KIB: Pesach Alert – Oat Milk

Oat Milk is now commonly available and should NOT be confused with Soy Milk, as Oat milk is Chometz.  Check in the current Kashrus Conscience for Pesach to see which Soy Milks are not contaminated from Oat Milk machinery.