rabbi eliezer eidlitz
KosherQuest is the Web site of the Kosher Information Bureau. It is the most comprehensive Web site regarding Kashrus in the world. KosherQuest went online in March, 1997.

KosherQuest provides an outstanding resource for the Kosher consumer listing over 30,000 products that are reliably certified as Kosher in a database that can be accessed by product type or by manufacturer. The search can be further customized by the consumer to meet any specification that he or she may choose, including limiting the search to products with a specific certification, products that are specifically Cholov Yisroel, etc. Product search is only one of many features of this site. The Web site is designed with a magazine format, and has articles that are updated regularly. Besides feature articles, KosherQuest has a Kosher update/alert section, listing new products and changes in Kashrus status of products;  an ask the Rabbi section, listing questions answered by Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz: Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz’s book “Is It Kosher?” is online in its entirety, providing yet another valuable tool for our visitors; and an e-mail: Kosher Hotline” where questions regarding Kashrus can be sent directly to Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz for a personal and timely response.

All of these valuable features are provided to people the world over, as an absolutely free service. There is no charge to manufacturers to list their products. KosherQuest relies solely on the support of sponsors to provide this valuable service to the Kosher community.