Gin Update From KF (Kosher Federated in England)

 In general, unflavored gin, not from a wine source, does not require a Hechsher.  Please note why the KF removed its Hechsher from Tanqueray Gin in the following email…
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22nd January 2016
Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz
Dear Rabbi Eidlitz

Thank you for your email.

The unflavoured Tanqueray Gin is produced by making use of vats which are sometimes also used for wine based products.  There is a problem of Kovush, but obviously it is Aino Ben Yomo.

Consequently, I would not say that the product is treif, but obviously we will not give a Hechsher to it.

Best regards
Dayan M D Elzas
Director of Kashrus

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