Gin Update From KF (Kosher Federated in England)

 In general, unflavored gin, not from a wine source, does not require a Hechsher.  Please note why the KF removed its Hechsher from Tanqueray Gin in the following email… FEDERATION OF SYNAGOGUES 65 Watford Way, London NW4 3AQ      Tel: (+44) 020 8202 2263   Fax: (+44) 020 8203 0610 E-mail:        Website: Kashrus Board EMAIL: […]

Star K: Baskin Robbins Pink Bubble Gum Ice Cream

While Baskin Robbins Pink Bubble Gum Ice Cream has never had the Star K certification (as most other Baskin Robbins flavors have), Baskin Robbins has re-formulated their Pink Bubble Gum Ice Cream and is now certified Kosher under the Star D.

From The cRc: Wilton Dipping Chocolate

There are pouches of Wilton’s Dipping Chocolate that bear a mistaken cRc pareve logo.  Please note that this product is dairy as indicated in the ingredient panel.