From The Atlanta Kosher Commission: Metamucil Products

Consumers should be advised that Metamucil has a product on the market that contains collagen, which is a non-Kosher ingredient.  This product, Metamucil Fiber + Collagen Peptides is NOT APPROVED for use by the Kosher consumer.

Consumers should also be aware that Metamucil Psyllium Fiber Capsules contain gelatin, a non-Kosher ingredient.

While the Star-K does not certify any Metamucil products, their site previously listed “All Powders” as being approved.  That information has since been updated.

The Metamucil Powders listed below are currently approved for use by the Kosher consumer…

Real Sugar Orange

Real Sugar Orange Smooth

Real Sugar Unflavored Coarse

Sugar-Free Berry Smooth

Sugar-Free Unflavored Smooth

Sugar-Free Orange

Sugar-Free Orange Smooth


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