From Agudas Israel: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Last July, Ben & Jerry’s decided to take part in the antisemitic BDS movement and refuse sale of its products in parts of Israel.  Today, Unilever (owner of Ben & Jerry’s) announced that it has sold its Ben & Jerry’s business interests to its Israeli licensee, ending the boycott.  

From The Atlanta Kosher Commission: Metamucil Products

Consumers should be advised that Metamucil has a product on the market that contains collagen, which is a non-Kosher ingredient.  This product, Metamucil Fiber + Collagen Peptides is NOT APPROVED for use by the Kosher consumer. Consumers should also be aware that Metamucil Psyllium Fiber Capsules contain gelatin, a non-Kosher ingredient. While the Star-K does […]