From The O/U: SweetKiwi Frozen Yogurts

The O/U does NOT certify any SweetKiwi products.  Some SweetKiwi Frozen Yogurt and Greek Yogurt products bear an unauthorized O/U marking.  These products are sold in the Maryland, DC and Virginia areas.

From The O/U: Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Insta Bake Baking Mix

The O/U certified Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Insta Bake Baking Mix as an O/Ud (dairy) product.  This product contains dairy ingredients as indicated in the ingredients and allergens statements.  There are some containers that are missing the “d” designation.  Corrective actions have been taken.

From The cRc: Tums

Please be aware that some of the new Tums Naturals contain carmine (a non-kosher red pigment from crushed cochineal insects) and is, therefore, not kosher.  The kosher consumer should be careful to check each Tums container to see if there is a kosher symbol on the label.