Bagelworks Bread   (Vaad of Kansas City)  1523 S. 45th St.   (913) 789-7333

Berbiglia    (Supermarket, carries a sizeable selection of Kosher wine) 1114 W. 103rd St.  (816)  942-7144

Costco of Overland Park Carries a variety of Kosher fresh and frozen grocery items as well as cheese, beef and chicken

12221 Blue Valley Parkway, Overland Park (913) 217-2050

Cathy Levin (Kosher Connection)   (913) 492-7812

Hen House Market  (carries fresh Kosher meat, chicken and deli)  (Vaad of Kansas City) 11721 Roe Ave., Leawood KS     (913) 338-0600

Hy Vee (carries a comprehensive Kosher selection of Kosher foods) 8501 W. 95th St.   Overland Park   (913) 894-1983

KC Kosher Co-Op

A local service that distributes Kosher products (meat, cheese, baked goods etc.) in sealed packaging with common hechsherim

Kim Matsil (Caterer)   (972) 742-2556

Linda Silver (Caterer)  (913)  642-1837

Liz Kaplan Catering    (913) 638-8525

Lucas Liquor Superstore  (wide variety of Kosher Wines) 7541 W. 119th St. Overland Park  (913) 451-8030

Marsha Johnston Catering  (816) 797-0715

Metcalf Discount Liquors (MDL)   (carries a wide variety of Kosher Wines)

Michele Goldman (Design Catering)   (913) 888-5794

One Nineteen  (carries fresh Kosher and organic chicken and turkey.  Currently, the Kosher symbol on the beef they carry is not recommended)

Princess Gardens Restaurant    (Vaad HaKashrus of Kansas City)  8906 Wornall Rd. in Kansas City   (816) 444-3709 This restaurant regularly schedules Sunday evening events where diners can choose to eat in or take out (Chinese food).  

Rachel’s Café  (Vaad HaKashrus of Kansas City) 5500 W. 123rd St., Overland Park (913) 266-8421

Sheraton Crown Center (includes off-site catering) (816) 391-4412

Silver Catering  (Linda Silver) (913) 642-1837    or

Smitty’s Wines and Spirits   (carries a wide variety of Kosher Wines)

Steve Ellenberg (Bagel Works)   (913) 789-7333

Succotash  (Beth Barden) (816) 810-0394

The Jewish Heritage Center Located within the Jewish Community Center

Offers lunch at noon, Monday – Friday to adults 65 and over and their companions Must reserve in advance by calling (913) 327-8043

The Rams Café   (Vaad HaKashrus of Kansas City) Located within the Jewish Community Center  5801 W. 115th St.   Overland Park    (913) 327-8000 Open Monday – Friday during the school year. (closed holidays and school vacations) (913) 327-8207

Trader Joe’s (carries Kosher chicken and turkey 119th and Roe   Leawood

Trader Joe’s (carries a selection of Kosher wines) Ward Parkway and 89th    Kansas City

Ward Parkway Center  8600 Ward Pkwy    (816) 333-5322   (Selection of Kosher Wines)

Westin Crown Center Off Site Catering   (816) 391-4412