From Hashgacha New Square Kashrus Council: Bean and Barley Bug Issue

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The Hashgacha New Square Kashrus Council has advised that several lot numbers of Unger’s Pearled Barley, Unger’s Chickpeas bag with Lot # 081320 and Unger’s Large Lima Beans with Lot # 071120 were found with various levels of infestation.  Out of an abundance of caution, Unger’s is issuing a voluntary recall on the above-mentioned products.  If you are in possession of any of these products please return it for credit in your place of purchase.

Unger’s Pearled Barley with an inkjet Best Buy date of 10/24/19 is NOT included in this recall.

Additionally, a few bags of “Chulent Mix with Barley” with a best-by date of 5/13/20 and 8/13/20 and a few bags of Kidney Beans with a best-by date of 9/13/20 have been found with minor occurrences of bugs.  There is no recall at this time, however if you are in possession of any of the above bean products, Unger’s recommends that it be checked very carefully.