From The cRc: Changes Made to cRc liquor list

The following changes were made to the cRc liquor list between January 2016 and February 2017

Baderbrau Assorted Varieties Beer (cRc logo Required)

Coney Island Assorted Varieties Beer (Star-K logo Required)

Gosling’s Assorted Varieties Beer (O/U Logo Required)

Henry Weinhard’s Hard Soda Ginger Ale Beer (O/U Logo Required)

Lakefront Assorted Varieties Beer (Star-K Required)

Leikam Brewing Assorted Varieties Beer (Oregon K logo Required)

Monday Night Brewery Beer

Bourbon Cody Road Single Barrel Bourbon (cRc logo Required)

Mississippi River Assorted Varieties Bourbon (cRc logo Required)

Bombay Star of Bombay Gin

Crater Lake Assorted Varieties Gin (Oregon K logo Required)

River Rose Gin (cRc logo Required)

Williams Gin Assorted Varieties (KF logo Required)

Chase Liqueur Assorted Varieties (KF logo Required)

Iowish Dairy Cream Liqueur (cRc-D logo Required)

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