Pesach Update: Benefiber

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The product “Benefiber”, produced by Glaxco Smith Kline is made from wheat dextrin and is Chometz.  However, another similar product called “Nutrisource Benefiber” is made in Israel by Norartis and …

Pesach Zoo Alert

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Be careful when visiting a zoo during Pesach not to purchase animal food to feed the animals from the zoo, as most of them contain Chometz

Pesach Alert: Matza Ashira

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Caution should be used when buying Matzos to be sure that they are not Chometz or in the category of “Matzah Ashira.”  Some examples of this are Grape Matzo, Grape …

Pesach Alert: Check Packaging

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Be careful to check packages of Kosher-For-Pesach items in the stores for the Pesach certification.  Some non-Pesach Kosher products have similar packaging to those products that are Kosher for Pesach …

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OU Kosher Advisory OU P Xylitol

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Products requiring Passover certification must bear the OU-P or ‘OU Kosher For Passover’ designation. Some products, like Health Garden Xylitol, come in both OU and OU P varieties. Consumers should …