From The COR: Snapple Elements “Fire” Dragon Fruit Juice Drink

Snapple Elemints “Fire” Dragon Fruit Juice Drink contains grape juice.  It is NOT Kosher certified and does NOT bear an O/K.  Only those Snapple drinks that bear the O/K symbol are Kosher (be sure to check for their pareve/dairy statues.  A plain O/K symbol indicates pareve, O/Kd is dairy and O/K de is dairy equipment.  

From The O/U: Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmallow Fluff, manufactured by Durkee-Mower, does not bear an O/U symbol on some 16 oz. containers due to a printing error, but it is, in fact, Kosher and pareve.  

From The COR: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey “Mixed with Coca-Cola”

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey “Mixed with Coca-Cola” RTD (pre-mixed ready to drink in cans), regular and Zero Sugar, is certified O/U pareve (even without O/U symbol).  However, Jack Daniels Whiskey products with “Cola”, without the “Coca-Cola” brand name (such as Whiskey & Cola or Black Jack Cola) are NOT certified Kosher.

From The COR: New Kosher Sodas

The following new sodas are Kosher and pareve (no symbol required): Mountain Dew Summer Freeze Pepsi X Peeps (marshmallow flavored Pepsi) Sunkisht Mango Orange Sunkist Watermelon Lemonade

From The KIB: Pita Bu Restaurant in Malibu

Chabad of Malibu (Rabbi Cunin) has taken over running and the hashgacha of what was Fish Grill on Pacific Coast Highway across from the Malibu pier.  It is now called Pita Bu, with an Israeli cuisine.  

From The Star-K: Shahia Stuffed Vine Leaves

Please be advised that cans of Shahia Stuffed Vine Leaves, produced in turkey and distributed by Lipari Foods with a production code after 4/30/2020, bear an unauthorized Star-K symbol.  

From The O/U: Hard Cheeses

The O/U reminds us about the rule of refraining from consuming meat after eating certain types of cheese.  In Yoreh Deah 89:2, the Remo writes: “And there are those who are strict and do not consume meat after eating cheese (source: Mordechai and Beis Yosef in the name of Maharam: v. tur Yoreh Deah 90), […]

From The cRc: Food Establishments in Minneapolis that are no longer certified by the cRc

Effective as of May 1, 2023, the cRc no longer certifies the following Minneapolis food establishments: Basil Breadsmith – Edina, Minnetonka and St. Paul Cinnabon in Mall of America Prime Kosher Catering Sato Fusion Certification for the above establishments has been taken over by Minnesota Kosher, now under the leadership of Rabbi Yechezkel Greenbers.  Consumers […]

From The O/U: Bothwell Gift Boxes

Bothwell Gift Box with 3 types of Cheese contain both Kosher and non-Kosher in the same package.  Two of the varieties of cheese are Kosher and bear the O/U.  One variety is NOT Kosher and does NOT bear the O/U.  The outer box does NOT bear an O/U.  Consumers should not assume Kosher certification of […]

From the O/U: Luxury Meat of Florida

Luxury Meat of Florida is NOT O/U certified (and has never been).  They have been falsely representing their meat as O/U Kosher certified on Facebook.  Consumers who may have purchased this meat should contact their personal Rav regarding the Kosher status of their utensils and appliances.  

From The COR of Greater Detroit: Baby/children Products Approved for Pesach from Rabbi Bess’ Booklet

The following are baby/children medicines that are commonly used and approved for Pesach use from Rabbi Bess’ Booklet… Advil Children’s Suspension – All Flavors Advil Infant’s Drops – Grape Advil Junior Strength Coated Tablets Benadryl Children’s Allergy Liquid and Dye-Free liquid (all flavors) Enfamil D-Vi-Sol Drops, Fer-In-Sol Drops, Poly-Vi-Sol Drops, Poly-Vi-Sol Drops with Iron, Tri-Vi-Sol […]

From The KIB: Grapefruits from Eretz Yisroel

Currently, grapefruits from Israel are being sold in Costco.  Although the bag states “North America”, the tag states “Israel” and they have been confirmed to originate from Israel.  These have Kedushas Sheviis and must NOT be purchased.  If they were purchased, contact your Rav for guidance.

From The Star-K: Ceres Juice and Pesach

Please note that effective Dec ember 2022, the Star-K changed the status of the entire line of Ceres Juice from Star-K Kosher for Passover certification, to Star-K for year round use only.  This was due to a change in a processing aid used by the manufacturer that does NOT meet Star-K’s standards for Pesach. Consumers […]