From The COR of Greater Detroit: Gold Medal Flour Yoshon Update

Gold Medal All Purpost Flour and Bread Flour with “KC” in code are Yoshon when bearing a “Better if Used By” date of Feb. 9, 2023 or earlier.  This corresponds to a packing date of August 9, 2021.   Please be advised that Cardio Support and ReLive Again, both produced by EFT, Inc., bear an unauthorized […]

From The COR of Greater Detroit: Season Sardines

As previously posted, due to Covid-19 work and travel restrictions, some Season Sardines, Sprats and Kipper Snacks products were produced as non-Kosher and do NOT bear an O/U symbol.  Unfortunately, their packaging is identical to O/U certified products, except for the absence of the O/U, and this has led to numerous mix-ups for the Kosher […]

From The COR of Greater Detroit: Mission Foods Tortillas

Mission Foods Tortillas and related products are certified by the cRc only when produced in the US.  Mission Foods has recently started importing similar NON-certified products that are produced in Mexico, which state “made in Mexico” on the label and do NOT bear a cRc.  Be careful to check each bag for the cRc logo.  […]

From the COR of Greater Detroit: Gold Medal Flour – No Longer Yoshon

GOLD MEDAL ALL PURPOSE FLOUR and BREAD FLOUR with “KC” in code, which in past years has been always Yoshon, has changed status, and product that will be packaged beginning Sep. 9 next week (Better If Used By date March 21, 2023) will no longer be Yoshon. [Source: Star-K and]

From The Kof-K: Sweet Delish! Donut Bites

Delish! Donut Bites (Cookies & Cream, Powdered Sugar, Red Velvet and Birthday Cake) have been mistakenly labeled with a plain Kof-K symbol.  These products contain milk and are certified Kosher dairy.

From The cRc: Royal Bee Icing Decoration (Leonardo Sweets)

Please be aware that Royal Bee Icing Decoration, under the brand name Leonardo Sweets (Ohr Yehudah, Israel) is being sold in Israel with an unauthorized cRc logo.  This product, which is manufactured in China, is NOT Kosher certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

From The O/U: Zeimatijos Pienas Reggianito Cheese

The O/U does NOT certify Ziematijos Pienas Reggianito Cheese (made in Lithuania and sold in Mexico).  Some 4.5 Kilo blocks of this cheese are being sold with an O/U letter of certification stuck onto the wrapper.  The certificate does NOT list this cheese as certified, and the use of the certificate on this cheese is […]

From The O/U: Keto Shortbread Cookie Mix

The O/U certifies Keto and Co. Shortbread Cookie Mix as an O/UD (dairy) product.  Some packages of this product were labeled with a plain “O/U”, without the “D” designation.  This product contains dairy as indicated in the ingredients statement.

From Kosher Certification Service (Rabbi Eli Frankel) : Amour Bakery

All cookies sold by St. Amour Bakery in Costa Mesa, Ca., which are also sold by the brand name “Daniel’s Cookies” are NOT certified Kosher by Kosher Certification Service effectively immediately.  These cookies are sold at Whole Foods Marker and other health food stores.

From The KIB: Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme being sold in boxes at Ralphs are erroneously marked with the Hashgacha “KOA” in the map of the U.S.  This is the certification of Rabbi Isaccson.   This product is NOT certified by anyone at this time.  In the near future, these Krispy Kreme boxes should appear with a proper certification.  Please note:  many […]

From The cRc: Buffalo Trace Kosher Whiskey

The cRc proudly announces the second annual release of the Buffalo Trace Kosher Whiskey.  This product, produced every year after Pesach, is made with careful oversight to ensure that it was produced under the strictest Kosher standards.  This includes verification that it wasn’t under Jewish ownership over Pesach throughout the many years of maturation.  Look […]

From The cRc: Mountain Dew

Please be aware that three groups of Mountain Dew products – Game Fuel, KickStart and Rise – contain grape juice and are therefore only acceptable for the Kosher consumer if there is a “K” (or a recognized kosher symbol) on the can or bottle.  Other Mountain Dew products that are produced in the USA, Canada […]

From The Kof-K: Broccoli Crusts

Printer applied incorrect nutritional information to the ingredient panel which includes Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese.  The product does NOT contain any dairy components and is correctly labeled as “Pareve”.