From The O/U: La Molisana Pasta

Unauthorized O/U La Molisana dark pasta contains squid ink and is NOT Kosher.  Some packaging mistakenly bears an unauthorized O/U symbol.  This product is being sold in the UK and possibly elsewhere.  

From The O/U: PuraVida Primavera Mistura Fire Roasted Vegetgables

The O/U certifies PuraVida Primavera Mistura Fire Roasted Vegetables.  The O/U is aware that recently, some insects were found in the broccoli that is part of this vegetable mix.  The OU is conducting a thorough review of this matter to determine the extent of this problem

From The Kosher Check: Salento Organics

Please be advised that various products being sold by Salento Organics, bear an unauthorized Kosher Check logo and are NOT certified Kosher by the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Columbia.