From The O/K: Schwartz Bakery in Los Angeles, Ca.

Due to supply chain issues, Schwartz Bakery in Los Angeles was not able to acquire Yoshon flour.  Therefore, breads (including all sizes and types of Challah, breads, rolls, bagels etc.) are NOT certified as Yoshon as of  Products baked on Thursday (3/30).  Any breads etc. produced before Thursday (3/30) are Yoshon.   The other baked goods […]

From The O/K: Snapple Fruit Punch

Limited edition of the 32 oz. Snapple Fruit Punch, which is NOT certified Kosher, was labeled with the O/K symbol in error and distributed in the New York area.  This product is NOT CERTIFIED.  

From The O/U: Sysco All Purpose H&R Flour

The O/U certifies Sysco All Purpose H&R Flour as an O/U product but not as an O/U P (Kosher for Passover) product.  Some 50 lb. bags bear an unauthorized O/UP marking.  

From The O/U: Sonny & Joe’s Hummus

The O/U certifies Sonny & Joe’s as an O/U Kitniyot product.  Some 30 lb foodservice containers were mistakenly labeled with a plain O/UP mark, instead of the O/U Kitniyot mark.  

From The O/U: Simply Popcorn

The O/U does NOT certify Simply Popcorn’s Popcorn in bags.  Some bags bear an unauthorized O/UP (kosher for Passover) designation.  This product is mostly sold in Massachusetts.