From The Atlanta Kosher Commission: Imperial Vegetable Oil Spreads

Imperial Vegetable Oil Spreads, in several varieties, have recently changed from dairy (O/UD) to pareve.  Be sure to check each package carefully.  1 lb. packages of sticks that bear a plain O/U on the outer package are pareve even though the inner wrappers still state “O/UD”.  

From Atlanta Kosher Commission: Tums News

The following is updated news about Tums: Only those Tums products that bear a Kosher symbol are acceptable.  Most of the certified products state3 “Pareve” beneath the symbol.  Tums Chewy Delights contains milk and is marked as dairy. Some containers of Tums Assorted Berries Extra Strength 750 and Tums Assorted Fruit Extra Strength 750 are […]

From The Scroll-K: Falafel King

Falafel King (in Boulder, Colorado) products are not certified kosher by Scroll K, even when bearing the Scroll K symbol.  EarthKosher has confirmed that they too no longer certify any Falafel King products.