From The UMK: Ferrara Pan Candies

Lemonhead, Red Hots, Atomic Fireball etc. that do not bear the UMK symbol are NOT acceptable.  Please check the label before purchasing any of these products.

From The O/U: Kind Bars

Many varieties of Kind Bars have been reformulated without milk and now bear a plain O/U.  There are now O/U and O/UD products of the same varieties on store shelves.  Kosher consumers should check the labels on these bars carefully, as some of the same products and Dairy and some are now Pareve.

From The COR: King David Pizza

The COR announces a newly certified restaurant in downtown Toronto.  King David Pizza (inside Mount Sinai Hospital) is located at 600 University Ave. in Toronto and is now certified under the COR.

From The COR: King David Laffa Grill

The COR announces the opening of a newly certified restaurant.  King David Laffa Grill is located at 5999 Bathurst St. in Toronto and is certified by the COR.