From The Star K: Cosmopolitan Food Grooup

Please be advised that Cosmopolitan Food group and all its brands, including Palermo, Milas, Casa di Oliva, Zayit and Original Gourmet, has been terminated by the Star K due to Kashrus violations.  Consumers are advised not to use any of these products, even when bearing a Star-K, with the exception of unflavored Olive Oils

From The O/U: Trickling Springs Ranch – New Product

The following products by Trickling Springs Ranch are now Kosher supervised by the O/U… Goat’s Milk Yogurt Plain  O/UD Rose Water Frozen Yogurt  O/UD Avocado Frozen Yogurt  O/UD Missouri Mudslide Frozen Yogurt  O/UD Raw Cow’s Milk  O/UD Cantaloupe Frozen Yogurt  O/UD Chocolate Soft Serve  O/UD Low Fat Unsweetened Mango Peach Yogurt Smoothie  O/UD  

From The O/U: Kvint Wine – New Product

The following Kvint products are now certified Kosher under O/U supervision… Merlot (Non-Mevushal)  O/UP Cabernet Sauvignon (Non-Mevushal) O/UP Kosher Brandy (Non-Mevushal) O/UP

From The O/U: Jessica’s Natural Foods – New Product

The following Granola products by Jessica’s Natural Foods are now under O/U Kosher supervision… Almond Cherry Granola Cherry & Berry Granola Vanilla Maple Granola Chocolate Chip Granola Chocolate Hazelnut Granola Pecan Almond Granola

From The O/U: Diablo – New Product

The following Diablo/Diablo Loco products are now newly certified by the O/U: French Lemonade Acai Berry Guava Dragon Fruit Plum French Soda Tangerine Pomegranate French Soda Mint Lemonade French Soda blueberry Lemonade French Soda