From The O/U: Schokoladenindustrie Mannheim GMBH (Germany) – De Zaan Brand

The following De Zaan products, manufactured by the Schokoladenindustrie Mannheim Co. in Germany are now O/U certified… Liquid Chocolates, Compounds and Couvertures (White, Milk or Dark)  –  O/UD Solid Chocolates, Compounds and Couvertures (White, Milk or Dark)  –  O/UD Solid Cocoa Butter  –  O/UD Solid Cocoa Liquor  –  O/UD  

From The O/U: Chef Man (Israel)

The following products, manufactured by Chef-Man are now O/U certified… Natural Flavor Vegan Strips Unseasoned Vegan BBQ Bites Vegan Shwarma Vegan Teriyaki Cubes

From The O/U: Chill Brands (Titan Tea)

The following products, manufactured by Chill Brands, LLC are now certified by the O/U… Lemon Black Tea Peach Green Tea Pomegranate Green Tea Raspberry Black Tea

From The O/U: Jim’s Organic Coffee

The following products, manufactured by Jim’s Organic Coffee are now O/U certified… 2 Souls Dark Roast Coffee Colubian Coffee Espresso Roast Decaf Coffee Mexican Altura Coffee Together Decaf Coffee Wonder Brew Coffee

From The O/U: Engel Bakery (Israel)

The following items, produced by Engel Bakery in Israel are now O/U certified… Choco Twists Puff Pastry Cookies Crowns Choco & Vanilla Flavored Cookies Crowns Strawberry Flavored Cookies Original Honey Flavored Cookies Swirls Vanilla & Choco Cream Cookies Vanilla Butterflies Puff Pastries

From The O/U: Hammond’s Candies

The following products, manufactured by Hammond’s Candies, are now certified under the O/U… 70% Dark Chocolate  –  O/UD All Natural Butterscotch Lollipops  – O/UD All Natural Cherry Candy Canes  –  O/UD All Natural Cinnamon Candy Canes  –  O/UD All Natural Peppermint Candy Canes  –  O/UD Assorted Flavors Cotton Candy Sugar Bag  –  O/UD Bubble Gum […]

From The O/U: Peterbrooke Chocolate Factory

The following products, manufactured by Peterbrooke Chocolate Factory are now O/U certified… Almond Gelato  –  O/UD Apple Pie  –  O/UD Bacio Gelato  –  O/UD Berry Trifle Cake  –  O/UD Cheesecake  –  O/UD Chocolate Flourless  –  O/UD Coconut Cream Parfait Cup  –  O/UD Dark Chocolate Cognac Truffles  –  O/UD Dark Chocolate French Creams  –  O/UD Dark […]

From the O/U: Clearly Food & Beverage Co.

The following products, manufactured by Clearly Food & Beverage Co. are now under O/U supervision… Country Raspberry Sparkling Water Beverage Mountain Berry Sparkling Water Beverage Naturally Carbonated Sparkling Water Orchard Peach Sparkling Water Beverage Wild Cherry Sparkling Water Beverage

From The O/U: Mrs. Fields Famous Cookies (TCBY)

The following items, manufactured by Mrs. Fields – TCBY,  are now certified Kosher by the O/U… Butter Pecan  –  O/UD Chocolate Chocolate  –  O/UD Chocolate Peanut Butter Yo-Trax  –  O/UD Cookies and Cream  –  O/UD Pralines and Cream  –  O/UD Psychadelic Sorbet  –  O/UD Rocky Road  –  O/Ud

Merger Between Kehilla Kosher and the O/K

בס”ד November 5, 2015 News Release OK Kosher and Kehilla Kosher (Los Angeles) today announced their decision to merge the two organizations. The merger agreement was approved by the respective corporate boards with support of the community rabbinic advisory board of Kehilla Kosher. Kehilla Kosher welcomes the opportunity through this merger to further its service […]