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Pas Yisroel

The Gemorah in Avoda Zarah lists certain decrees of Chazal to avoid intermarriage. One of them is not eating bread baked by a non Jew as this may increase their relationship beyond what is proper. Later Chazal found that this was very difficult for most Jews who found themselves in a situation where the only baker in town was by law not Jewish. Since the Torah states “כי לא על הלחם לבדו יחיה האדם – That Man cannot live by bread alone, however clearly bread is a major need for most people.  Accordingly Chazal eased up on this restriction to a degree and allowed a middle category, called Pas Palter which means bakers bread. Since one doesn’t usually become with the baker’s daughter, the possibility of intermarriage is remote. How far this allowance extends is a Machlokes between the Mechaber and the Romo.

The Mechaber in Y.D. says that all year one can buy non Jewish baked bread from a baker  only if there is no alternative or the Jewish baked bread is inferior.

The Romo in Toras Chatas says that Pas Palter – bakers bread,  is allowed all year other than during Aseres Yemai Teshuva, Shabbos, and Yom Tov,  when the custom is to be stringent and only consume Pas Yisroel – Jewish baked bread when reasonably obtainable.

The following is a list of some companies that are Pas Yisroel:

Old Country Bagels – O/K