From The O/U: New Product for Pesach – Pereg

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The following products, manufactured by Pereg, are now certified Kosher for Pesach under O/UP supervision…

Baby Quinoa (Kafiwa)

Gourmet Coconut Flour in Slider Bag

Almond Meal/Flour in Slider Bag

Gourmet Classic Flavored Matzo Crumbs & Full-Flavored Matzo Crumbs

Gourmet White, Red & Tri-Color Quinoa

Spices and Seasonings (Bar-B-Q Mix, Basil, Black Pepper, Fine Sea Salt)

Frozen Crepe Batter

Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries

Confectionary Sugar

Chopped Parsley  (Volover Rav)

Canned Mango Slices

Rainbow Food Coloring