Affordable Kosher (home delivery or pick up from the café at the J.  Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Albertson’s Supermarket   5415 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway in Portland  (503) 246-1713

Albertson’s (small selection of Kosher products) 30th & Hillyard St. in Eugene

Alexander’s Great Falafel (Oregon Kosher) Corner of 13th & University (in front of the University of Oregon Bookstar) in Eugene

Bimbo Bakery (Kof K) 6605 Southwest 111th St. in Beaverton  (503) 350-0000

Bowery Bagels  (Oregon Kosher) 310 NW Broadway  (503)227-6674

Café at the J (Oregon Kosher - Dairy Cholov Stam mostly. Offers meat menu on Tuesday nights) 6651 SW Capitol Hwy  (503) 535-3630

Century Catering (Oregon Kosher) (503) 849-2605

Dairy Hill Ice Cream (Oregon Kosher - see in store certificate for certified items) 6352 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97239 (503) 246-2374

Everything Jewish 6684 SW Capitol Hwy  Portland    (503)246-5437

Food Front Hillsdale  (offers many Kosher items) 6344 SW Capitol HWY (503) 546-6559

Fred Meyer (offers many Kosher items) Burlingame & Raleigh Hills

Krispy Kreme (Oregon Kosher - see in store certificate for certified items) 16415 NW Cornell Rd. in Beaverton  (503) 645-2228

MJCC Kosher Catering (Oregon Kosher) 6651 SW Capitol Hwy  (503) 244-0111

NW Kosher  (service to order Kosher chicken, meat etc.)

Safeway (Kosher Bakery and many prepackaged foods. Kosher Deli is closed as of 5/4/17 ) 8145 SW Barbur Blvd. in Portland

Sunny’s Legendary Frozen Yogurt   (Oregon Kosher - see in store certificate for certified items) 4397 Southwest Vermont St.     (971) 271-8348

Trader Joe’s  (offers many Kosher products such as chicken and cheese) Located in both Portland and Eugene