North American Kosher – AB Cafe Delish

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March 5, 2018

Press release:

בס”ד י׳׳ח אדר תשע״ח

For immediate release:
North American Kosher supervision continues to kosher certify

AB Café Delish Located at:
as a Kosher Dairy restaurant under our strict Orthodox Jewish Rabbinic supervision.

All food and drink items available in the cafe are kosher; some are pareve, some dairy. All onsite cooked and baked items are CHOLOV YISROEL. All food cooked onsite is BISHUL YISROEL according to the opinion of the Bet Yosef. All utensils used with cooked or baked foods are used exclusively with Chalav Yisrael or Pareve foods.

The Milk shakes are normally dairy חלב סטם unless requested to be made with Pareve or Chalav Yisrael חלב ישראלcream and milk. Smoothies are normally pareve. There are portion controlled packets of Chalav stam חלב סטם creamer available for the takeout coffee in paper cups, Chalav Yisrael milk is also available. PAS YISROEL bread, and bread baked from KEMACH YOSHON are available upon request.

עובד נאמן או משגיח תמידי

There is a shomer shabbat worker or mashgiach present whenever the cafe is open.


Rabbi Aharon Simkin

הרב אהרן סימקין

Rabbinic Administrator