Los Vegas


Ace of Steaks (Va’ad) 5825 W. Sahara Ave.   (702) 899-4223

Haifa Restaurant​ (Chabad-Va’ad HaKashrus) 900 E. Karen,  Ste.    (702) 940-8000

Hummus Vegas & Grill   418 W. Sahara Ave.  Las Vegas   (702) 385-0006

Jerusalem Grill    (Chabad)   4825 W. Flamingo Rd.    (702) 341-5555

King Solomon’s Table  (Chabad – Va’ad)  4561 W. Flamingo Rd.   (725) 244-4034

Kosher Experience Deli ​(at Smith’s Market) 2211 N. Rampart Blvd. (702) 256-5200

Rafi’s Catering   (Chabad)  (702) 348-8778                                                                                          

Sababa Mediterranean Grill (Chabad-Va’ad HaKashrus)  3220 S. Durango (702) 547-5556

Shawarma Bar 3100 S. Durango    (702) 586-5036

Shawarma Vegas  (Chabad)  2521 S. Fort Apache Rd.  Las Vegas   (702) 651-1818

Simon & Joe’s Pizza Eatery ​  (Chabad-Va’ad HaKashrus - Cholov Yisroel) 3720 W. Propicana Ave.  #3 Corner of Valley View and Tropicana (702) 759-0333


Kosher Catering​ (Chabad) mashpia@yahoo.com

For information on Kosher availability in the Reno area contact Chabad at (775) 825-8928

Rafi’s Catering​ (Hashgacha: Chabad of Las Vegas)

Meat deliveries to hotels for Shabbos and weekdays

Las Vegas Call Shoshana: (702) 348-8778


Kosher food in Reno is limited to basic supermarket products.  These can be found at Whole Foods, Trader Joes (which has Kosher Meat and Cholov Yisroel Cheese) and Walmart in Southwest Reno.  Challahs and Kosher meals can be ordered by email at chabadnn@gmail.com (Challah orders should be placed by Thursday).  Food ordered through Chabad is available in Reno, Incline Village, Squaw Valley, Northstar Village, Truckee and Lake Tahoe.