K-COR Detroit Pesach Updates

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SHWARTZ APPLE JUICE is available in both Pesach and non-Pesach versions. Some non-Pesach jars were mistakenly sold in the Pesach section at One Stop Kosher Food Market. Please check each jar carefully for the Pesach marking on the back label.

LIEBER’S WHOLE PURPLE PLUMS in heavy syrup, in 30 oz. cans, is not Kosher for Pesach. The Pesach marking on the label is incorrect and is crossed out, though on some labels the Pesach wording is still legible. This product was mistakenly sold in the Pesach section at One Stop.

HASHAHAR HA’OLE SPECIAL COCOA SPREAD, product of Israel, is available in pareve and dairy versions. The pareve type, which states Pareve and bears OU-P, is OU certified for Pesach and does not contain kitniyos. The dairy type, which states Dairy and contains kitniyos, bears OU-D and states that the OU supervision is for year round and not for Passover, and is not Cholov Yisroel. Check each label carefully.

KIRKLAND SIGNATURE frozen ATLANTIC SALMON with 4% salt & water solution, product of Norway, mistakenly does not bear the OU symbol on some packages, but is nevertheless OU certified and approved for Pesach.

CHOCOLATE EMPORIUM (of Cleveland) PASSOVER CHOCOLATE COVERED CRANBERRIES with Star-K P, purchased from March 28, 2016 to 2 PM on April 7, 2016, should not be eaten on Pesach due to a possible kitniyos issue. Consumers can return products to the store for a refund or exchange, (This includes candy tray arrangements, candy rounds and bulk candy pouches.) All other Passover products are not affected.

DEB EL PASTEURIZED LIQUID EGG WHITES containing triethyl citrate is mislabeled OU-P on the outside case, and should not be used for Pesach. The individual cartons bear only a plain OU. Deb El Pasteurized Liquid Egg Whites without triethyl citrate is acceptable for Pesach when bearing OU-P. Check the ingredient listing.

CORRECTIONS TO KOLLEL LOS ANGELES / RABBI BESS PESACH MEDICATIONS GUIDE: A number of Arbor and Nature’s Bounty products that are chometz are missing the asterisk (which indicates chometz) in the general list of Medications. They are correctly listed in the Chometz list at the end of the Guide. Updates are posted at http://kehilasyaakov.org/index.html .

Remember – check every label for Pesach certification! We wish all our readers a Chag Kosher V’Sameach

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