Albertson’s has a minimal Kosher section (dry goods only)  They carry such items as Manischewitz wine, grape juice, Shattos candles, Yahrzeit candles, Matzo etc.

Boise Co-Op carries a selection of Kosher wines.

Fred Meyer Supermarkets carry a limited selection of Kosher shelf items.

Trader Joe’s in downtown Boise carries fresh Kosher chicken and beef (raw) as well as Kosher wine.  

Tres Bonne Cuisine carries Kosher Wines

Walmart  Some Walmart stores carry Bartenura Moscato Kosher Wine and Pas YIsroel bagels.  

Whole Foods (downtown Boise) carries Kosher frozen turkey and chicken 401 S. Broadway Ave. Boise

For more information on Kosher food in the Boise area contact Chabad at f(208) 853-9200