From The Star-K: Rosh Hashanna Reminders

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The following are relevant facts and information related to Rosh Hashanna foods…

a.)  Dates:  It is recommended to open and do a visual inspection on a few out of each container.  If no insects are seen, one can assume the rest are insect-free.

b.)  Figs:  Open each one and check carefully for infestation (wasps, bees, worms)

c.)  Leeks:  Examine the outside of each leek for any leaf minter trails.  Check in between the leaves for thrips and other insects

d.)  Black Eyed Peas:  Dried peas should first be boiled in water.  After they are fully cooked, allow the peas to soak for 2-3 hours.  The peas will swell and peel easily and become translucent.

Canned or Frozen Black Eyed Peas:  These may be checked straight out of the can/bag.  There is no need to boil or soak before using.

To check Black Eyed Peas:  Take the peas and inspect them for holes or dark colored stains as this may indicate an insect beneath the thin peel.  If there is a dark spot on the peel, remove the thin skin and check carefully to see if there is a cavity with bugs in it.