Fish: (Raw, Frozen) – 

All raw fish (not coated or ground) is best purchased with a Kosher for Pesach Hechsher (due to possible kitniyos glazing etc.).  However, in the absence of certified for Pesach fish that is easily available, ALL fresh or frozen fish (except for ground) are acceptable even without a special Pesach Hashgacha, after washing before Pesach.  Some examples are:

365 Everyday Value Atlantic Salmon (O/U)

Blue Circle Atlantic Salmon (O/U)

Bowl & Basket Norwegian Atlantic Salmon Portions (O/U)

Changing Seas Atlantic Salmon Fillet (O/U)

Costco Tilapia (O/U)

Gourmet Delight Salmon Fillets (O/U)

Kirkland Signature Frozen Skinless Boneless Farmed Atlantic Salmon Portions skinless boneless wild sockeye Salmon Portions & Tilapia Loins (O/U)

Kirkland Frozen skin-on Boneless Wild Sockeye Salmon Portions

Levittown (Star-K)

Member’s Mark (O/U)

Open Nature Atlantic Sockeye Salmon Fillets (O/U)

Regal Tilapia (O/U)

Wegman’s Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon (O/U)

Wellesley Farms Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon (O/U)

NOTE:  Raw fish always requires either a good Kosher certification or at least to still have some scales attached to it