From The cRc: Royal Bee Icing Decoration (Leonardo Sweets)

Please be aware that Royal Bee Icing Decoration, under the brand name Leonardo Sweets (Ohr Yehudah, Israel) is being sold in Israel with an unauthorized cRc logo.  This product, which is manufactured in China, is NOT Kosher certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

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From The Kof-K: Fruidles Dreidel Co.

Some products from Fruidles, the Dreidel Co. show an unauthorized Kof-K on the package.  The Kof-K does NOT supply Kosher certification to this company.  

From The O/U: Stone House Bread

Unauthorized O/U Multiple varieties of Stone House Bread mistakenly bear an O/U symbol.  The products are NOT certified as Kosher by the O/U.  

From The O/U: Lucky Charms

The O/U does NOT certify Lucky Charms Complete Marshmallow Pancake Mix.  Some boxes produced for Mexico bear an unauthorized O/Ud (dairy) mark.