The following are some of the more commonly used Baby/Children products approved for Pesach use by Rabbi Gershon Bess…

Advil Children’s Junior Strength Coated Tablets

Advil children’s Suspension – all flavors

Advil Infants’ Drops – Grape

Bayer Children’s Aspirin

Benadryl Children’s Allergy Liquid and Dye-Free Liquid – all flavors

Benadryl Children’s Allergy Chewable Tablets – grape

Motrin Children’s Suspension – all flavors¬†

Motrin Infant’s Drops – all flavors

Sudafed PE Children’s Nasal Decongestant – berry

Sudafed PE Children’s cold & cough – grape

Tylenol Children’s Cold+ Cough + Runny Nose liquid

Tylenol Children’s Cold+Cough+Sore Throat liquid

Tylenol children’s Suspension – all flavors

Tylenol Infant’s Suspension – all flavors

Miralax Powder