From The Atlanta Kosher Commission: Online Shopping Issues

When shopping online for grocery delivery or curbside pickup, always check the actual label on each item purchased when the order is received.  This is essential because many online descriptions or pictures give inaccurate or outdated information regarding the product’s Kosher status.  In addition, the store may substitute non-Kosher or non-approved products if the requested item is not available.

Some recent examples are…

Season Kipper Snacks Herring Fillets is pictured on Amazon with an O/U, but the actual product delivered did not bear an O/U (due to Covid-19 related challenges it was produced as non-Kosher and the O/U was removed).

Edward & Sons Organic Mashed Potatoes is pictured on Kroger’s website with a Heart-K symbol (a division of O/K) but the actual product does NOT bear that symbol.

Great Value (Walmart) Whole Wheat Pasta (Spaghetti, Linguine, Penne etc.) is pictured online with an O/U symbol, but the actual product currently does NOT bear an O/U.

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From The Kof-K: Fruidles Dreidel Co.

Some products from Fruidles, the Dreidel Co. show an unauthorized Kof-K on the package.  The Kof-K does NOT supply Kosher certification to this company.  

From The O/U: Stone House Bread

Unauthorized O/U Multiple varieties of Stone House Bread mistakenly bear an O/U symbol.  The products are NOT certified as Kosher by the O/U.  

From The O/U: Lucky Charms

The O/U does NOT certify Lucky Charms Complete Marshmallow Pancake Mix.  Some boxes produced for Mexico bear an unauthorized O/Ud (dairy) mark.