Alert: Mislabeled meat at Vons

In Important Alerts, Newsletter Items, Pesach Alerts 2017 by Yisroel Pollock


In a recent Vons circular there was an advertisement for “kosher” brisket for $6.99 a pound.
A kosher consumer in a Los Angeles area Vons noticed that the meat was in the regular Vons packaging and was labeled kosher with no hashgacha on the package. After investigating and meeting with the manager of the meat department at Vons, it became apparent that the meat used is actually Solomon brand O/U hashgacha meat. However, Vons Supermarket, without Hashgacha, is butchering the larger pieces of this kosher meat into smaller roasts, re-packaging those roasts and selling them as “kosher”.
These roasts are NOT recommended for the kosher consumer.