Alaska - Anchorage


Carr’s/Safeway Market Diamond Blvd. and Seward Hwy. Anchorage, Alaska

(907) 341-1020 (907) 341-1000

This market carries some Kosher breads - but no Challahs) Many other markets in Anchorage (i.e. Safeway, Fred Meyer etc.) carry many reliably Kosher food products. Kosher wine can be purchased at Carr’s Oaken Keg Liquor Store. There are no Kosher delis, restaurants or other establishments in Alaska. There is also no Cholov Yisroel available.

Lubavitch Jewish Center of Alaska  1210 E. 26th Avenue, Anchorage, Ak.  (907) 279-1200 e-mail:

Fred Meyer Carries an assortment of prepared Kosher products

Natural Pantry at the University Center 3680 Barrow St.    Anchorage   (907) 770-1444)

Walmart A selection of kosher foods can be found at the local Walmart in Anchorage


Alaska - Juneau

Safeway 3033 Vintage Blvd. (907) 523-2000

This Safeway supermarket contains an extensive natural foods section with a number of products with reliable Hechsherim. A number of vegetarian Kosher products can also be found in the freezer sections.

Rainbow Foods 224 4th Street  (907) 458-6476

Rainbow Foods is a natural foods health food store with many recommended Kosher food products. In addition, Kosher organic breads in both fresh and frozen forms are available.