Alert – O/K – Prigat Strawberry Banana Drink

In Important Alerts, Pesach Alerts 2017 by Yisroel Pollock


8 Nissan 5777 / April 4, 2017


It has come to the OK’s attention that

391 TROY AVE. BROOKLYN, NY 11213 TEL: 718 756-7500

FAX: 718 756-7503

Prigat Strawberry Banana Drink (Can) UPC: 7 290001 594452
with a Best Before Date of Feb/06/18

Has been stamped erroneously as Kosher for Passover.

The OK does not certify this above mentioned product as Kosher for Passover and this product shall not be consumed on Passover.

This product is kosher for year round non-Passover use.

This notice applies strictly to above mentioned product. All other Prigat products that bear the Passover symbol are kosher for Passover without any concern.

The OK strongly advises to inspect all products prior to consumption to ensure that they bear the Passover designated classification.

Rabbi Don Yoel Levy