Common Summer Halachos

HALACHOS FOR THE SUMMER The summer is a time that many gain from the vast opportunities that it provides. During this time we often able to utilize Halacha in ways that do not present themselves during the year. Following are some guidelines that may help: ·       Contents:            Tefilas Haderech  §  Birkas Hagomel §  Sakanah §  Kashrus in hotel §  Tevilas Kailim […]

From The Kof-K: Dana’s Bakery

Dana’s Bakery has attempted to remove the Kof-K symbol from all of its packaging and labeling.  Nonetheless, some labeling indicating Kof-K supervision was reported after the cessation of certification.  All Dana Bakery products are NOT Kosher certified.  

From The Kof-K: Artisanal Pretzels

Artisanal Pretzels include seasoning packets and is labeled as Kof-K Parve.  The seasonings are NOT Kosher and should NOT be used.   This product was sold only at Whole Foods

From The Kof-K: Bread Alone Bakery in Lake Kaktrine, N.Y

Due to operational changes at Bread Alone Bakery in Lake Katrine, N.Y., ONLY breads & rolls in sealed bags bearing the Kof-K symbol are Kosher certified.   Unpackaged/Loose Breads & Rolls sold at Farmer’s Markets, Bread Alone Cafes and other venues, are baked at another facility, which is NOT Kosher certified.