From The Star-K: Kitchen Aid French Door Refrigerators

It has come to the attention of the Star-K that in certain models of their Sabbath Mode Certified Kitchen Air French Door refrigerators – among them KRFC302ESS and KRSC503ESS – the interior lights continue to be operational even in Sabbath Mode.   To determine if your model has this issue, do the following… a.)  Set the […]

From The cRc: Maple Ridge Farms Coconut Praline Pecans

Please be advised that Coconut Praline Pecans, 5 oz. box, distributed by Maple Ridge Farms Inc. is certified as cRc – dairy.  Some boxes contain an ingredient card inside the box that erroneously has a cRc pareve logo.  This product IS DAIRY (cholov stam).  

From The O/U: Tapatio Ramen Noodle Soup Shrimp Flavor

Tapatio Shrimp flavored Ramen Soups come in different size containers.  The 3.7 ounce bowls are NOT certified by the O/U and do NOT bear an O/U symbol.  The 2.29 ounce cups were certified by the O/U and bear an O/U symbol.  The O/U will NO LONGER appear on the label.  It is possible that both […]