From The UMK: Ferrara Candy

Chewy Lemonhead & Friends manufactured by Ferrara Candy Co., bear an unauthorized UMK Hashgacha.  The only Ferrara products that are certified by the UMK are Atomic Fireballs and Jawbusters/Jawbreakers.

From The Beis Din of S. Africa: Honeyfields

All Honeyfields products are no longer Kosher certified by the Beis Din of S. Africa due to a contractual breach.  This includes existing stock on store shelves even when bearing the BD logo.

From The O/U: Dr. Pepper in Texas

The El Paso, Tx and Abilene, Tx canners of Coca-Cola products have retained the services of a new company to supply aluminum cans and lids.  The company does NOT yet have the tools to emboss the lids with the O/U symbol.  Therefore, for several weeks, cans of products from these two locations will NOT bear […]

From The O/K: Eden Whole Dried Shitake Mushrooms

Please be advised that Eden Whole Dried Shitake Mushrooms now require checking for tolaim even when bearing the O/K symbol.  The O/K recommends that the following steps be taken to verify that any given batch of this product is permitted to be eaten… Place the mushrooms in sealed clear plastic container with lukewarm water Agitate […]

From The KIB: Las Vegas Krispy Kremes

Rabbi Zecharia Rubin from the Ahavas Torah Center in Las Vegas informs us that the ownership of the local Las Vegas Krispy Kremes has decided NOT to renew their Kosher certification.  That applies to all Krispy Kremes in the Las Vegas area.