Tishrei Updates

Falafel Grill is NO LONGER KOSHER
(Chabad) 5611 Kanan Road
Agoura Hills (818) 991-8799
Raphys and Kosher Bazaar are no longer certified by Kehillah. Kehilla bakeries except for muffins are Yoshon. Kehilla only certifies as Yoshon items from their bakeries but not items in the restaurants. 

From The O/U: Dine Away


Plastic cups and plastic plates manufactured by Dine Away Co. are now certified Kosher under O/U supervision.

From The O/U: Glad, Kingsford

12X120 Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Steam Pans and Non-Stick Heavy Duty Grilling Foil (18″), manufactured by Glad and Kingsford Co. are now certified Kosher under O/U supervision.

New products now certified by the Star-K

Aldi Sandwich Cookies – Star-D
Atlantic Beverage Co. Canned Vegetables
Cost Plus Coffees
Frosty Acres Pasta Products
H&M Wagner & Sons Coffees
Ingles Supermarkets Coffees
MM8 Group Coffees, K-Cups and Teas
Molino Nicoli SpA Gluten Free Products and Cereal Products
Nature’s Warehouse Prepared Salads, Sauces & Dips
Overwaitea Food Coffees
Shinn Spring Water
The Fresh Market Coffees
Veg India Herbal Extracts